We’re a company dedicated to manufacturing ultra low energy affordable homes built on sustainable principles and the desire to alleviate energy poverty in housing. Wood is our raw material and we have become expert at converting trees into warm comfortable solar powered homes. Tŷ Solar is our baseline 3 bed detached house and we have a 2 bed semi variant also available. They both consume around 12% of the energy of a traditional house.

Our homes are built to the highest standards in rural Pembrokeshire and we’re proud of the fact that 80% of the components that make up the houses are sourced locally.

Our costs compare favourably with standard construction except we can boast a considerably lower carbon footprint. Our factory is a converted cow shed, our staff canteen a former milking parlour and most of our team are on diets. So we’re an extremely lean but highly committed and innovative company.

Glen Peters, CEO, Western Solar Ltd.

When Countryfile Came to visit in the summer of 2016

Pentre Solar solar village in Pembrokeshire