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Media Contact: Dr Glen Peters, email telephone 01239 841 387

If you are considering developing a sizeable PV installation in your backyard, you might find some of these pointers – based on our own experience – useful.

Beware of Cowboys

There are many people who purport to have the expertise and skills, but in our experience genuine expertise on larger scale systems is very thin on the ground.

Look for a UK track record

Don’t just buy on price. Ask for evidence of UK implementations, as our conditions are very different from elsewhere.

Don’t relinquish control

Own your own asset and avoid selling out to private equity or venture capital. Think long term — including the improved value to your property — and seek out asset finance.

Location, location, location

Make sure you have the best orientation to capture the sun’s radiation.

Ensure all the paperwork IS in order

Unfortunately, connecting to the grid requires a great deal of paperwork. Remember you are tying in to a ‘living organism’ and it comes with some responsibilities and a need to understand your obligations.