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From our factory in North Pembrokeshire, Tŷ Solar® homes are being developed to provide low-energy affordable housing. This is achieved by combining micro-generation and energy efficiencies in an integrated design.

Seeking to source 80% of its materials and expertise in Wales and create local employment, Tŷ Solar® has achieved Cat A ratings for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact in accordance with UK2005 European Directive 202/91/EC.

The solar homes project has four objectives:

Sustainable Energy

To develop Eco homes with an A rating for energy efficiency

Locally Sourced

To utilise locally sourced timber for the substantial part of the construction, thereby creating a sustainable regional supply chain

Locally Built

To commercialise the prototype for sale as a prefabricated house and provide local, semi-skilled, manufacturing jobs

Change Perceptions

To promote a change in awareness of timber-built homes

Affordable in Every Respect

Tŷ Solar® homes not only qualify as ‘affordable’ in terms of buying price but by having their own built-in PV solar power supplies, they are also much cheaper to live in. Net zero energy consumption will provide many years without energy bills.

Our Tŷ Solar® units are designed to cut energy consumption to around 12% of a standard home. Current generation for the 2-bed homes is 7,000 KwH per annum and 12,000 Kwh for the 3-bed variants.

Benefitting the Community

Local materials and labour are used in the construction and ensure that jobs and supply chains are created. We’re committed to establishing an apprenticeship programme for trainees living locally and work in conjunction with local colleges and suppliers to achieve this.

Western Solar has established a production unit in a disused farm building in North Pembrokeshire. This provides 400 square meters of space for the off-site production and assembly of modules – thus minimising construction time.

Dr Glen Peters with Joyce Watson AM

…it represents big thinking on a small scale. A new model for low cost affordable housing…

Mid and West Wales

Locally Sourced

In developing these homes, we have sought to exploit the availability of native Welsh wood. Local materials and labour in the construction will ensure that jobs and supply chains are created.

We have used timber from nearby woodlands, almost 11″ of insulation using recycled paper, and the fabrication of triple glazed windows to Passiv house standards by a local supplier. Ty Solar® is fully breathable using modern permeable materials and the use of carcinogenic chemicals has been eliminated. The experience gained in the construction of this prototype will be used in the roll out of subsequent homes.

Susana Powell a local Forrester shows us how traditional methods of foresting minimise damage to the woodland.

An eco factory that was once a cow shed

An eco factory that was once a cow shed

Integrated solar roof