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Media Contact: Dr Glen Peters, email telephone 01239 841 387

New concept eliminates rising energy costs & answers the demand for low-cost housing in one eco-friendly package

solar-house[Press release Monday 28th October 2013]

Affordable homes which generate their entire energy requirement at zero cost, while creating a potential £1,000 a year revenue from excess energy production, are the readily available, practical solution to Britain’s spiralling energy prices and shortage of low-cost housing stock, according to an expert on innovation and future trends.

And the first of the factory built, modular homes will be unveiled next week by Glen Peters, CEO of a little-known Pembrokeshire company, Western Solar Ltd.

Mr Peters, who was previously Senior Energy Partner at Price Waterhouse Coopers and the author of the highly acclaimed 1996 book ‘Beyond the Next Wave’, which examined future trends, is already planning an entire estate of his solar-powered homes close to his company HQ. And he sees no reason why they shouldn’t be rolled out nationwide within a very short time span.

“Our Tŷ Solar homes release their owners from spiralling energy costs and provide them with an entirely new source of income,” says Peters. “And, with the benefit of realistically-priced building land, a family home and garden will be available for substantially less than the UK average of £150,000.”

The timber clad, 100 sq metre, 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom homes have triple glazing, 11″ Warm Cell insulation, reducing energy consumption to just 12% of an equivalent ‘standard’ home, and LED lighting throughout. They conform to HMG ‘Living Homes’ standards and will carry a 10 year NHBC guarantee. The 3-bedroom house, which has its own integral PV solar power supply, can be adapted for two single occupancy units.

“The only practical answer to rising fuel costs is to incorporate energy production at the point of consumption and to drastically cut energy usage,” says Peters.