Living in a Ty Solar Home

Ty Solar Home

Accoya wooden windows with 80-year life span

Castle-10 New Home guarantee

Carefully detailed Larch and Douglas Fir detachable cladding

Modular Manufacturing<br>All structural timbers to BS-5268

Solar PV panels on steel roof with 80% output after 25 years.

Tesla Powerwall 10-year warranty.

Energy Efficiency

Passive Design South Facing concept

A++ rating SAP 105 or higher

11” thick walls with recycled paper insulation

Rooftop 14Kw Solar PV

heating smart enabled

Tesla powerwall AI systems

Canopies for summer shading


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windows and doors maximise natural light

low carcinogen (VOC) paints

Sun canopies and trickle vents to control summertime sunlight

Loving the Earth

254 tonnes of co2 avoided over 60 years

Low embodied carbon in superstructure

Locally sourced materials.

Tŷ Solar Homes in 60 Seconds

How our homes are constructed.