Delivering Ultra-Low-Energy affordable homes for Wales

Press Release

Western Solar Ltd has reached a significant milestone in the company’s development by reaching a partnership agreement with Pembrokeshire Housing Association to build a small hamlet near the Square and Compass in North Pembrokeshire.

The company is also working towards a similar development with Coastal Housing at a site in Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, due to commence work in the Spring of 2018.

Both developments use the innovative Tŷ Solar® low energy design pioneered at Wales’ first solar village in Glanrhyd, Pembrokeshire earlier this year.

The solar village has now been occupied for six months and residents report high levels of satisfaction with their new homes. They enjoy ultra low energy bills, a shared electric car, comfortable temperatures in all seasons and a much improved sense of well being.

Glen Peters, CEO said, ‘As a small enterprise we’re delighted to have such excellent partners on board early in our development. We have huge ambitions to expand the idea of sustainable homes throughout Wales and judging by the way our concept has been received by other social housing providers we remain optimistic.’

Tŷ Solar® homes are specifically for the affordable sector, use 12% of the energy of a traditional home and are made entirely out of wood sourced from Wales. The company believes in the multiplier effect of its part manufactured concept to bring new jobs and skills, substantially improve the well being of the occupants of their homes and reduce the need for energy from the grid.

‘These projects will be a boost for the development of sustainable timber homes which still face resistance from the established institutions such as insurers, lenders and valuation agents,’ said Peters.


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